Why Having a Good Brows is Becoming the Norm for Men

3 Reasons Why Having Good Brows Is Becoming the Norm for Men

Good brows are universal and transcend genders. This means both men and women should be sporting well-shaped and neat brows that complement their features. It’s not something new either. In fact, almost all celebrities get it done! Unfortunately, men tend to dismiss the importance of good brows on them.

However, I have noticed that the new metrosexual men of today’s world are not as shy about taking care of their skin, hair, nails, clothes, etc. They’re more attentive to looking good and feeling good about themselves. So, if you’re wondering why good brows are becoming the norm for men, here are a few reasons:

The Ladies Dig a Well-Groomed, Thick-Browed Man

Most guys shy away from getting their brows groomed because they don’t think it’s too girly or doesn’t make much of a difference. However, the ladies are the ones who’ve stated that well-shaped and well-groomed brows on men are definitely amazing.

Kama TV did a video where they asked random women on the streets whether men should get their eyebrows done.

  • 90% of them said it’s not girly for guys to get their eyebrows done.
  • 80% of them said yes because eyebrows frame the face and make it more attractive.
  • 70% said that men should get it done if they have a unibrow.
  • 10% said they want their man’s eyebrows to be as good as their own.
  • 5% said they didn’t want their man’s eyebrows stealing the attention from theirs.

You can also view the video and see that the ladies definitely prefer men with well-groomed and thick brows. So, anyone who says they don’t think the ladies will like their brows is just lying.

It’s More Common than You Think

Well-groomed brows for men aren’t just limited to a certain city or a trend. I’ve been lucky to travel to different places and notice that men in foreign locales have well-kept brows. When I traveled to Puerto Rico, I found out that most of the men had beautifully groomed brows.

But, even here in New York, I’ve seen them sporting some full brows which have sparked my envy. Are they grooming their brows? I don’t know but ladies, it’s time to get your man to get their brows done. It’s worth trying at least once to see the difference that it can make.

A Subtle Cleanup is Not Bad

Today, more and more men are getting their brows done either professionally or asking the women in their lives to help them out. Metrosexuality in men is becoming the norm so you really shouldn’t be shying away from looking after yourself.

Although men may not want perfect, high arch brows, men can keep things simple with their eyebrow regime. For example, trimming and using clear brow gels are becoming very common for men. The best part is that it’s clear so not very easy to spot either. If grey brow hairs are an issue, then a tinted brow gel is the perfect solution.

Clean, trimmed brows can help you look more attractive, neat, and presentable. It’s hard to understand by just reading about it so I strongly suggest getting your brow shaped, at least once. Trust me – the difference will be so noticeable that you’re going to be surprised!

Getting Help from the Professionals

If you’re considering getting groomed brows shaped or neatened, it’s a good idea to get it done from the professionals. Trusting a professional is good because if you do it on your own, you probably won’t be able to do your brows justice. Plus, if you get it wrong, you will have to get your brows salvaged with the help of a professional so it is a good idea to do things right!

So, where can you find a good professional? There are plenty of brow grooming professionals who offer services for men’s brows too. If you want to know how to get the best brow professional, read more about it here!


Why Having a Good Brows is Becoming the Norm for Men

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