Why I Believe a Makeup Artist Would Be a Great Brow Esthetician

Why I Believe a Makeup Artist Would Be a Great Brow Esthetician

Most people believe that a brow esthetician is the only one who understands brows. That’s why they might often dismiss their makeup artist’s suggestions for what would suit them, especially when it comes to brow wear. However, I believe that a makeup artist would be a great brow esthetician.

This belief comes from my own personal observations and the fact that makeup artists understand many of the cores that come into play for good brows. I’m going to discuss this in more detail here so take a look at the following points:

Balance and Proportion

Makeup artists understand the need for balance and proportion in a face. With their in-depth knowledge of facial symmetry, they can understand how to balance out the features in order to give a more symmetrical look.

This also means that they know how to play with the brow shape, length and size to ensure that all the features complement each other. Much like a brow esthetician, they know just how to style the brows to make them symmetrical and complementary.

The Artistry

Emphasizing brows properly is an art that does involve knowledge of makeup. You need to know just which areas to highlight, the gaps to fill in and how to shape the brow. A makeup artist understands this aspect just as well as a brow esthetician does.

It is due to the fact that many finished looks include the brows as well. A poor makeup artist is one who doesn’t understand what to do with the brows. A good one is someone who knows what to do, just like a brow esthetician. Brow estheticians understand how to highlight, contour, shade and shape brows properly.

Brow Shape

Everyone strongly believes that brow estheticians are the only ones who know what the brow shape should be. However, a makeup artist is just as knowledgeable as well. They have good eyes for a brow shape and they can give you some insight into which brow shape will look good on you.

They can also guide you about the right brow shape which will look amazing. Since they already have an understanding of your face shape and know your features, they can help to shape your brows properly. Brow estheticians also need to have the same understanding of features in order to shape brows properly.

Products for Brows

A major reason why a makeup artist will make a great brow esthetician is because of their understanding of makeup products. They’re in a business where they’re supposed to know how to use, apply and play with different products.

This insight means that they can guide their customers about which products they should use to get the look they want. From brow waxes, tints, powders, liners and more, they can easily help a person understand just want to do. Brow estheticians also need to know this core area for their clientele.

As you can see, makeup artists and brow estheticians have loads of things in common. That’s why I believe that a makeup artist would be a great brow esthetician. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.



     Why I Believe a Makeup Artist Would Be a Great Brow Esthetician

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