Why I Think the Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade Is a Must Have Brow Product!

Brow pomades are what make your brows look bold and beautiful but picking the best one can be a tough challenge. In the past, ABH has ruled the brow market with their pomades but Kat Von D’s Super Brow Pomade is definitely one which outperforms ABH, in my opinion. Launched in 2016, the pomade has quickly grown to get a cult following with many people claiming that they don’t know how they lived without this product before.
I’m here to say that I’m definitely among these people. Originally skeptical about the Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade, I became a true believer and think this product is a must-have for beginners and professionals alike.
Are you curious to know what changed my mind? Take a look at the following points and you’ll understand:
1. Creamy Formula for Easy Application
One of the best things about the pomade is the creamy formula. While you do need to pay attention to the application process, keep in mind that “a little goes a long way.” The formula of this brow product is also perfectly pigmented and feels lightweight on your brows. In fact, it’s so light that it has a barely- there feeling! The formula is also easy to use with an angled brush. Whether you’re trying to make hair strokes or adding more volume to your brows, you can achieve all that with ease with the help of this multi-purpose brow pomade.
2. Unleash Your Creativity
With over 16 different shades, I was definitely blown away by the brow coloring options this product has! Kat Von D stepped out of the box by offering 7 conventional brow shades and 7 vibrant, rainbow colors and 2 neutral ones. The versatility, the pigmentation of the brow products and the application all combine to give you a beautiful, buildable palette of eyebrow colors. The best part is that there was definitely a need for these colors in the market which Kat Von D completely capitalized upon.

3. Customization is the Best Option
It’s very annoying to be unable to find the right shade for your brows but Kat Von D seems to have taken this into consideration. Their two neutral options, namely, White Out and Bleach are perfect for lightening, elevating and highlighting colors.
Mixing and matching in this manner, gives you better results and you will always end up with the perfect custom hue for your brows in this manner. The vibrant colors are also easy to use to complement any eyeshadow look or outfit that you’re going for.
4. It’s Staying Power is Legendary
A major reason why the Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade became such a hit is due to its staying power. In fact, before this product was designed because Kat Von D was using the Tattoo Liner for her brows. Understanding that there’s a need for a long lasting, smudge proof eyebrow product, the Super Brow Pomade was created to embody this factor and address many other issues.
As a result, there are rave reviews of how the product makes one’s brows look good for 24 hours, even after taking a swim. It’s definitely something you have to try to believe!
All these reasons make me positive that the Super Brow Pomade is definitely a must-have brow product for everyone. However, don’t just take my word for it. Try it and see what a difference it can make!

Product Review – Kat Von D – 24 Hour Super Brow Long Wear Pomade

The Kat Von D 24 Hour Super Brow Pomade has been in the market since 2018 but it’s a product that I don’t consider you can ever skip over, especially if fully, gorgeous brows are what you lust after. While most people believe that the Queen of Brows is ABH, I’d say that Kat Von D definitely gives ABH a run for her money with this revolutionary line of brow pomades.

Kat Von D has a long history of making products that deliver on their promise. Their lipsticks and eyeshadows are highly pigmented and their Tattoo Liner definitely has a cult status for its results. For the longest time though, Kat Von D did not have a brow product. In fact, it is said that Kat Von D used the Tattoo Liner for her brows every day. Once inspiration struck, it was only a few months later that we saw the Super Brow Pomade being introduced into the market.

Touted to be waterproof, offering long wear for 24 hours, I’m definitely curious to take a closer look at this product.

There are 16 Different Shades!

The first thing that blew my mind about the Kat Von D Super Brow Pomades was the color selection. They’re available in seven brow shades as follows:

1. Blonde – (Light to medium blonde)

2. Taupe – (Medium to dark blonde)

3. Light Brown (Dark blonde to light brown)

4. Medium Brown – (Light to medium brown)

5. Dark Brown – (Medium to dark brown)

6. Walnut – (Dark brown to black)

7. Graphite – (Black)

And seven artistic shades, namely:

1. Aubergine – Deep plum

2. Roxy – Grape purple (Bright)

3. Scarlet – Cherry red (Bright)

4. Magenta – Purplish pink (Vibrant)

5. Satellite Blue – Electric blue (Vibrant)

6. Lemmy Green – Emerald green

7. Daffodil – Yellow (Vibrant)

And two neutral shades that you can mix and match with:

1. Bleach – Neutral nude

2. White Out – Pure white

Color selection alone makes the Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade a must-have for any professional makeup artist.

Using the Pomade

With a creamy texture, the pomade is a dream to work with and application is very smooth. As with all Kat Von D products, a little goes a long way here so don’t be heavy-handed. It’s a good idea to start by defining your arch, building up the color as you get to the tail of your brow. Then, use the angled pomade brush to mimic hair strokes where needed.

I also love the White Out pomade and the Bleach. The Bleach gives you the high-fashion, bleached eyebrow look without having to go through the effort of bleaching your brows. The White Out is perfect for customization and you can build your own colors with its help!

Did It Last 24 Hours?

With the Kat Von D pomade, the long wear is very believable. It is smudge-proof and most importantly, sweat-proof so your perfect brows are going to stay put. However, you do need an oil-based makeup remover to get it off at the end of the day. I’m definitely happy that this product lives up to its promise and it’s only $19!

While ABH’s brow pomade might have had a place in my heart, Kat Von D has definitely won me over with her Super Brow Pomade.

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