Top 4 Reasons Why I Love the Urban Decay Brow Blade

When Urban Decay announced that they were launching new brow products on January 15, I was very excited about it. Being a professional brow specialist, new products always interest me because I’m always looking to add and upgrade the tools of my trade.
Urban Decay’s products have always made me happy in the past too. With great color pay off and pigmentation, they might cost more, but a little goes a long way with their products. Another reason why the new brow products caught my attention was that they introduced around 7 new shades in a step towards inclusivity. We can all thank Fenty Beauty for starting this trend – Thank you, Rihanna!
The new brow products line contains 4 new products, namely, the Double Down Brow, the Bow Blade, Brow Endowed and Brow Finish. Today, we’re going to focus on the Bow Blade. Available in a lilac tone, the Bow Blade is pen-sized with double ends. One side contains a waterproof wax pencil formula, whereas the other has a liquid, ink stain formula with a fine tip.
1. It’s Perfect for Beginners
The pencil shape of the Brow Blade is perfect for beginners. There’s a lot of hesitation or room for error when you’re using pomade or a powder for the brows. With this pencil, all you have to do is draw it on. The ink stain formula is also finely pigmented. For beginners, this is a huge plus point since making mistakes with this will not be as visible as with other brow products, such as the ABH Dip Brow Pomade.
2. Simplicity in Use
One thing that I noticed straight away was how easy it is to use the Brow Blade. If you want super sleek brows, you can use the pencil wax formula. However, if you’re looking to get more volume, you can use the ink stain tip. The precision brush makes small, neat strokes that mimic tiny hair strokes. It’s a great comfort to be able to switch formulas by just being able to flip the pen. It definitely eliminates any confusion or complication.
3. It Saves You Time
When you’re in a rush, there are a lot of chances for accidents to occur. These errors not only waste time but also result in a loss— everyone knows the heart ache of dropping their makeup products on

the floor. With the Brow Blade, application is much faster; you don’t have to look for a different product to finish with, and you’re ready in a few minutes!
4. Precision Is Not Needed
While you do need to have a certain amount of precision during application with most brow products, it’s not that necessary with this product. Small mistakes can always be covered up, but with some products, mistakes are glaringly obvious. With the Brow Blade, the ink stain is easy to use and even small mistakes are not difficult to correct or as visible.
If you’re looking to get a brow product that is going to become the most important product of your makeup collection, I would recommend getting the Brow Blade!

Product Review –Urban Decay Brow Blade

Urban Decay’s new range of brow products has been the stuff of dreams. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or are just looking to get a good brow product that delivers on its promise, the Brow Blade is the perfect choice for you.

Launched in January 2019, the Brow Blade is one of the best brow products, in my opinion. The two-in-one design of the Brow Blade means that you can get your brows looking ready and beautiful in next to no time. I’ve taken the time to review this product specifically so that you can make up your mind about it.

Available in 7 New Shades

The Brow Blade is available in 7 new shades, making it easier for everyone to find their corresponding shade. For redheads, this has been a previously challenging task, and even I have to mix and match two different brow products to get the right shade. However, the Brow Blade makes things easier, and you can pick from the following different shades:

  • • Ginger Snap – Auburn
  • • Taupe Trap – Taupe
  • • Brown Sugar – Medium Brown (Soft)
  • • Café Kitty – Medium Brown (Warm)
  • • Brunette Betty – Brown (Warm)
  • • Neutral Nana – Neutral
  • • Dark Drapes – Brown (Dark)

The new shades are definitely spread out across the color spectrum, and I’m confident that everyone will be able to find the perfect color match with the Brow Blade.

Water Proof Pencil Formula

The two-in-one design of the Brow Blade means that it has two different products on each end. One contains a pencil formula, which is wax-like in texture and is said to be waterproof. I haven’t had the

opportunity to put this to the test, but many other reviewers, including Huda from HudaBeauty, claim that it makes your brows stay in place, even after a busy day out.

Liquid Brush Formula

The liquid brush formula is my most favorite feature about the Brow Blade. The formula is similar to an ink stain and easy to build upon. The application is also simple. The results also look very natural and it’s easy to mimic hair strokes with the fine brush tip. In fact, you might feel like you’re microblading your own brows, hence the name. I see what you did there, UD.

What’s My Opinion?

All in all, I’m very happy with the Urban Decay Brow Blade. I’ve also found that it’s very easy to use both ends of the Brow Blade for the cleanest, sharpest look. The pencil can be used for filling any spare areas, the tail and arch of your brows. You can then use the brush to create hair strokes, on the front to add depth and on the tail of your brow.

There is only one complaint, and that is why didn’t a product like this come out into the market sooner! Given the popularity of this product, I’d recommend stocking up on it. It looks like a bestseller, and with a price tag of just $20, I’d say it’s a pretty reasonable cost to pay for a top-quality brow product


Top 4 Reasons Why I Love the Urban Decay Brow Blade

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