Why Henna Dye and Tinting for Eyebrows Is Not Permitted In Some States?

Why Henna Dye and Tinting for Eyebrows Is Not Permitted In Some States?

Most people with light or sparse brows often tint their brows to get them looking thick and luscious. A healthy, organic option is to use henna dye to tint or stain your brows. It’s a small step which makes a drastic change in your appearance. But did you know that it’s also illegal in certain states?

That’s why you might not be able to make use of this option when you go to your local beautician or brow professional. So, who is responsible for making henna dye and eyebrow tinting illegal? You should look to the FDA for that:

The Strict FDA guidelines

As a general law, all skin care products with color-based additives need approval from the FDA before consumer use. Any product which does not comply with the FDA’s restrictions is not approved for use.

Henna dye has earned a special place in the FDA’s blacklist because of the number of additives it can contain. While the pure product can be organic, it can be difficult to quality control it. In certain cases, people have suffered from chemical burns caused by the dye they used.

It’s Time to Legalize It

However, it’s interesting to note that the FDA has not revised these rules and regulations. In fact, the latest source that they used for consumer awareness is from2014. Time has certainly flown by. The following are the major reasons why it’s time to legalize henna dye and brow tinting.

The Quality Has Improved

The quality of the henna-based dye and eyebrow tints has improved drastically over the years. Today, people who do get their eyebrows tinted experience no side effects. You can even find organic and hypoallergenic brow tints in the market.

More Stringent Methods Are in Place

In most cases, skin damage, chemical burns, and irritation are due to an allergic reaction to the dye. Today, people try a test patch before they use the product on their brows. Cleanliness in the application of the dye has also made a huge difference. It can prevent the skin from becoming irritated.

DIY Options Are Extremely Dangerous

Most people today will rely on DIY methods to tint their brows. For this purpose, they might end up using box dye for hair or beards. This dye is not for use on the brows and shouldn’t ever be near their eyes. Some adventurous people might not think that there is much of a risk here. However, it’s safer for them to go to a brow professional than to DIY it at home.

Most of the Issues Were with Henna Tattoos

The majority of the issues caused by henna dye relates to henna tattoos. Henna tattoos from that are offered as novelties in state fairs or from any unprofessional place in the neighborhood can be a bad idea. There is a higher chance of infection, irritation, and chemical burns here.

However, if you’re getting your brows tinted from a reputable place, this will not be an issue. Today, there are very few, if any cases that show henna dye or brow tinting to be a dangerous activity. Therefore, it’s definitely time to lift this law.



Why Henna Dye and Tinting for Eyebrows Is Not Permitted In Some States?

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