Add Some Color to Your Lives with the Vincent Longo Crème Gel Liners!

Add Some Color to Your Lives with the Vincent Longo Crème Gel Liners!   


As a professional brow artist, I know the importance of having good brows but it’s not always about the brows.

Good eyebrows complement different makeup looks but if your eye makeup is weak, a set of fierce brows won’t always save you. That’s why it’s necessary to invest in some amazing eye makeup too.

While most makeup fanatics naturally turn towards eyeshadow palettes, I think that Vincent Longo Crème gel liners are a better investment. A brand that was introduced in 1995, Vincent Longo is run by a professional makeup artist of the same name. His expertise and insight into the makeup industry are obvious to see in the quality of his products.

In 2016, he introduced some beauty essentials, which were multi-purpose in nature.

Among them, crème gel liners have been a real game changer. With a crème based formula, they can either be used as liners or as eyeshadows. The formula is highly pigmented, smooth in application and dries quickly.

Once it dries, you get results that are smudge proof and waterproof. So, does it deliver on its promise? Let’s take a look here.

Available in 6 Bright Colors

The Vincent Longo Crème gel liners are available in a number of different and unique colors. The following are the ones you can pick and choose from:

  1. Blu Raven – Blue-black
  2. Felis Brown – Dark chocolate brown
  3. Flamenco- Medium taupe
  4. Velvet Plum – Vibrant purple
  5. Teal Green – Vibrant teal blue
  6. Golden Orbit – True gold

All the shades are iridescent which gives them a shimmery appearance. They’re also complimentary to different skin tones and eye colors as well.


Smudge-Proof and Waterproof

The most amazing fact about the crème gel liner is that is waterproof and smudge-proof. In fact, you’re going to need oil based cleaners to get the crème off. Additionally, the results last throughout the day and you won’t have to do any touch-ups throughout the day.

So, whether you’re using it for eyeshadow or as an eyeliner the staying power of this product will remain the same.

A Little Goes a Long Way

The Vincent Longo crème gel liner comes in a small glass container but there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, a little bit of crème gel is all that you need to completely cover both of your eyes, whether you’re lining them or using it as an eye shadow.

Unless you’re regularly using the crème gel liner, you probably won’t be able to finish the jar any time soon.

Amazing Color Pay Off

One of the biggest reasons why I recommend Vincent Longo’s crème gel liners is because of their amazing color payoff. Even a small swipe is highly pigmented and the iridescent finish gives a dewy glow to the overall look.

Additionally, the colors are definitely unique and buildable so you can mix and match them as needed.

The crème gel liners , paired with the right brows, you’re going to make some Instagram worthy looks for sure!


Add Some Color to Your Lives with the Vincent Longo Crème Gel Liners!   

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