Castor Oil and Eyebrow Growth

Castor Oil and Eyebrow Growth 

The pencil thin eyebrow trends of the ‘90s have left people with some serious eyebrow damage. That’s why, sometimes, it can be so annoying to see that thick brows are back in fashion! Anyone with sparse brows knows the amount of product they have to use, just to get thick, luscious brows. It doesn’t help that some people are just gifted with brows to die for!

So, what do you do when you have sparse brows? A good, quick solution is a brow pencil, powder, and gels but if you’re thinking long term, it can be a good idea to incorporate nourishing ingredients such as castor oil into your eyebrow regimen. Used twice a day, castor oil has been attributed to encouraging brow growth and thickening the brows.

Castor oil is extremely rich in vital fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and nutrients. It’s a great option to try for your brows, especially if you’re trying to grow them out. Now, like any product, castor oil does have its own pros and cons. The following are what you should pay attention to when considering using castor oil for eyebrow growth:

It Takes Time

Many people expect to see immediate results from using castor oil. While it’s been hyped as a miracle product, you should know that it takes some time. It can take around 3 to 4 weeks of regular application to start seeing the results of using castor oil for brows.  I personally have seen a positive result within a month from the clients.

The good news is that hard work does pay off. Plus, you have to make sure that you’re using good quality, cold-pressed castor oil. You’ll find castor oil available very easily, either at your nearest store or online. Just remember to be patient and consistent in application.

It’s Good for Moisturizing

Even if you don’t want to thicken your brows out, castor oil can still be used for moisturizing the brows. The hair often doesn’t allow for cream to be absorbed very easily into the skin. However, with castor oil, you will be able to deeply hydrate your brows and prevent flaking.

If you use too much product, like powder formulas, dry brow-skin can be a major issue. With a small helping of castor oil, you will be able to improve the formula’s color payoff and prevent it from causing rough brow-skin. Remember, it is oil so a little goes a long way!

You Can Use It Along with Other Products

As a flexible tool, castor oil is amazing. You can add a drop or two to your favorite brow pencil or pomade when applying to keep your brows in good shape. Again, remember to be careful when adding it to your brow regime. Due to the thick consistency, you don’t want to end up with a sludgy mixture on your brow.

If you’d rather not DIY your brow products with castor oil, you can find castor oil-infused brow products. These contain the right amounts of castor oil to nourish your brows and keep them hydrated.

At the end of the day, I would say that using castor oil is definitely a plus point and essential for good brow care. Even if you don’t want to grow your brows out, a little dab will help keep your luscious brows healthy and beautiful.  Honestly, what do you have to lose?  Give it a try..


Castor Oil and Eyebrow Growth

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